Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BYU vs Air Force

To say the following statement feels almost as bad as smashing my face in the door, which is why you will only hear me say it once.

Ok. If I had to choose to loose to one would be Air Force.

Now to back up my statement; it's a lot less painful losing to a team who will soon be fighting for your country. Plus, their fans were the most decent fans of all, unlike some UNLV and Utah fans (oops, did I just say Utah??)

Nate, Adley, Taylor, and I, along with our BYU flags on our car, made the long 8 hour journey to Colorado Springs this past weekend to watch some Cougar football. We showed up for the game, but unfortunately the Cougars did not.

After spending the day on campus at Air Force, I have a greater respect for those who choose to serve our country. It was both incredible and inspiring to spend the day of September 11 there.