Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Need help with the Chub Chub!

Pardon the insensitive title of this post, but I'm a little concerned about some recent changes that have occurred in my wife as of late. By posting, I am hoping to receive some help or advice from other women who have experienced similar phenomena.

For my senior thesis I completed a 48 page case study th
at focused on unexplained weight gain in women who maintain consistent diet and exercise patterns. Lynlee's diet and exercise patterns are the same as they've always been. My concern stems from the fact that Lynlee doesn't match up with any of the common reasons for unexplained weight gain.

She doesn't suffer from lack of sleep, which triggers hormones that affect appetite and satiety. In fact, she's been
sleeping a lot more lately and frequently takes naps throughout the day. Sometimes she's dozed off on the couch right in the middle of our coversation.

She doesn't appear to have an increased level of stress. As we know, stress secretes the hormone cortisol, which increases your appetite. Conversely, sh
e appears less stressed than ever. She constantly has a big smile on her face while looking at her tummy. You'd think most women would be concerned about not being able to button their jeans, but Lynlee appears to welcome the pudge.

I don't assume she's experiencing menopause this early in life. The changes with menopause affect hormones that can alter your appetite. Your metabolism slows down and weight gain around the midsection is very common. But she's too young to be going through menopause right? Although come to think of it, for the last 4 months she hasn't been sending me to the store for any emergency "it's that time of the month" products.

In all sincerity, my wife is as beautiful as ever and now has a little bit "more" to love. Although I'm still confused about some of the recent changes in Lynlee's appearance, something tells me that everything will make sense come...................... January 2010.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints...

Friday night we went camping with Hayley and Darek up Spanish Fork Canyon. Dinner consisted of tin foil dinners, lots of pistachios, lots of peanut butter m&m's, and a Whatchamacallit candy bar on my end! Casual conversation consisted of A LOT of embarrassing stories both Nate and Darek told at my expense (how nice of them!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday America (and Jordin, Jaden, Aj, & Kerstin)

Jason, Amanda, and their two kids came and spent nine days with us this past week...

Thursday Nate and his friend DJ took Jason fishing at Strawberry Reservoir. They caught 45 fish.

Friday we celebrated Jaden and Jordin's birthday at fat cats. Nate's best score was 198. My best score was 98, even when I used a 6 pound bowling ball.

Aj and Kerstins birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse...
Some of my Aunts and Uncles, and my parents.

Provo Parade
Nate and I loved hanging out with little Jordin. We miss her already!
For those who know Nate, you'll know this is his famous football pose.
Nate and his sister Cami
Firework show
Ketchup & Mustard