Friday, July 18, 2008

American Idol Concert

Emily and I went to the American Idol Concert in Salt Lake this week where the top ten idols sang. We were actually very impressed by all of them. They were all three times better than they were on the show, and much better performers. Here's pictures of our favorite Idols.

Michael Johns. Need I say more??

Brooke White. She actually sounded really good.

Syesha. AMAZING!! We decided her and David A. have the best vocal talent.

Drum roll if you will.... Archuleta was absolutely amazing! How does a seventeen year old give two married women butterflies when he sings???

And just because we love him, here's a second picture of him singing Angels.

Okay only because you asked, here's a third.

David Cook

This couple sat right infront of us and smooched the entire show!!! At one point, she even sat on his lap. I think I almost threw up. So, I took a picture.

It was fun to see all the different people there. This old man got up a few times and jammed out. Em and I kept laughing at a certain dad who you could tell thought he was way too cool for school. He wore his sunglasses the ENTIRE show! I don't think he got the memo it was no longer sunny.

If you can't tell, we are so excited to be there.

That's a wrap!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

St. George Heat Stroke

This past weekend we went to St. George for Nate's baseball tournament. This particular tournament requires the teams to play throughout the night. Our first game was at nine p.m. Following that, they played at twelve and then three in the morning. It was a fun weekend. We had quite the fan base there.

Laura and I at 3:00 A.M.

We were also fortunate enough to meet Cortney's girlfriend. For all of you who know Cortney, you may now put your minds at ease, he's in good hands. We absolutely love her.

Also, thanks again to the Allen family for letting Nate and I stay at their condo for the weekend!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th in Newport

Touring Catalina Island

While on Catalina Island, the boy's went fishing. Nate would probably want me to include that yes, they did catch some fish.

Males tend to get a little sloppy with their sunscreen. Since I'm overly paranoid about burning, that's where I come in!

Firework Show. Our good friend Cortney lives in LA so he came and spent the day with us. Our other friend Brent was there with his girlfriend Jen.

We were able to celebrate both my brother and his girlfriend's birthday while there.