Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I know I'm kind of on a roll posting so many videos, I'm just thrilled we were able to download them on to our computer! Unfortunately for us, this is the last one!

This was on our third date three years ago. Before I left for Africa, Nate and I were casually talking and I told him one of the things on my "to do list," was to go sky diving. The week I returned from Africa, Nate surprised me by letting me know he made reservations for us to go sky diving. I was ecstatic! Especially because this would be our first REAL date. Our first 2 dates were more like group hangouts, considering his roommates were there.

This is our sky diving video. I realize I look overly dramatic when I was about to jump out of the plane, so you will have to ignore that part. I will admit, I wasn't nervous at all until we were about to jump. At that point, I questioned how crazy a person has to be to have the sense to jump out of a perfectly good plane! Nate on the other hand was nervous for a different reason. He wondered what he would say to my parents if something happened to me! It was without a doubt, one of the best things we've ever done!...Try not to miss Nate's landing!