Monday, April 26, 2010

Adley meets Blakely

I realized Adley will one day be able to choose her own friends, but for now, I get to choose them for her. With that said, Adley met her best friend Blakely about a month ago. Emily was here to visit from Canada, so we made sure we saw each other several times.

About 13 months ago, Emily called me to tell me she was pregnant. Since Nate and I had been trying for a couple years for a baby, she was hesitant to tell me. In the same phone call, I announced I was pregnant as well. It was so fun experiencing pregnancy with my best friend who was due at the same time. Both Emily and I gave each other play by plays the entire time we were in labour.

Adley and Blakely were born four days apart. We are excited for them to move back, so we can raise our girls together.

Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Months

Little Adley will be 3 months in 1 week. Part of me wants to stop the clocks so she'll stay little forever. Another part of me is excited to watch her grow. She already has such a cute little personality. We think she's just great!

Some highlights:
*She smiles ALL the time now
*She loves her binky (which is more of a highlight for her mom)
*She has recently discovered her hand. She sucks on it all the time when she doesn't have her binky. I'm nervous she's soon going to find her thumb!
*She has slept 8 to 9 hours through the night since she was a month in a half
*She loves the car, and hates in when I stop (even for a split second). She squeals when I stop at a stop sign or red light.

Check out those cheeks!

Now that we've made our blog private, I'm excited to start posting more. I promise I won't be one of those mom's who only posts about their baby. I'll try and fit some of Nate and I in as well! :)