Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our week in V town

This past week Nate and I have been at my parents home helping them with their house. It has been quite the process but has been fun spending time with family and friends. I have had fun helping my mom pick out decorations and furniture for the house. I never realized how much I like to tell people what they should buy. It's much easier when it's someone else's money. : ) Here are some pictures of what we've accomplished so far. I didn't take many pics so these are the only ones I had to work with. I'll post more later when it's finished. Hope everyone is doing well and for some, enjoying life after finals!

Only a sister could think this rotten kid was cute!

First rooms we cleaned and started putting together

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last night we set up our good friends Robbie and Whitney. We went out to eat and then to Comedy Sports. Robbie is a typical Ute fan (we try not to hold that against him) and hates coming to Provo. So when he pulls into Provo and is about to pick Whitney up, a cop pulls him over for not fully stopping at a stop sign and gives him a ticket. We have officially decided we are bad luck when it comes to run-ins with the law. Not only that, Robbie now hates Cougar town even more!

Salt Lake 5k

Yesterday we ran another 5k with my little brother and our friend Emily. I was very proud of Nate who ran it in under 22 minutes. For our next race, we want to run a 10K so if anyone knows of any, please let us know!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The day my husband got arrested...

So last week I left Nate and Tyler Howells at home playing the WII while I went to the grocery store. While driving home, I called Nate a couple times to help me bring in the groceries but he did not answer. When I got home, the lights were all turned off and no one was home. For the next couple hours, I called Nate and Tyler trying to figure out where they were. I ended up calling my brother-in-law and all he said was "we are in Heber hanging out, i'll have Nate call you," and then hung up. Thirty minutes later, Nate called me telling me he got arrested. I immediately started laughing because since we've been married, this is about the only thing I can think of that fits in the "irresponsible category." To be honest, it actually makes me feel better about myself.

In 2005, Nate went ice fishing and got a ticket for fishing with two poles but only had a one pole fishing permit. To make a long story short, he forgot to pay the ticket and last week proved they hadn't forgotten about it. Two policemen showed up at our door, put Nate in handcuffs and transported him all the way to the Heber jail. While there, they booked him into jail and took mug shots (all with the handcuffs still on.) My brother-in-law and Tyler had to drive to Heber and bail him out which cost $250. I now know why my bro-in-law was so shady on the phone. Moral of the story... before getting married, do a background check on your future husband, you never know what's in their past! I am now officially married to a convict!